Again, A Time Machine — Part two

Artists are playing with words again – raiding the archive, bringing the dead back to life, making the living look dead. Quicker than the ever-elusive present, they are forging a practice through words, images, books, and ephemera, that begins to anticipate the past, forecast possible histories and re-visit alternative futures.

Again, A Time Machine reappears at Motto, Berlin with a Book Works’ archive, presentation and one-night of performances with Simon Fujiwara, Maria Fusco, Stewart Home, Jonathan Monk, Ingo Niermann, Katrina Palmer, Marcus Weisbeck and Niklaus Maak, with Archive Books and Sternberg Books.

Elements of the new commissions for Eastside Projects reappear at Motto, Berlin: part two of the poster project by Jonathan Monk; anticipating the present, Slavs and Tatars newspaper 79.89.09; and the publication of All the Stories by Dora García. New commissions take the form of a night of spoken word performance alongside a Book Works archive that integrates the street and the bookshop, via an exhibition of printed material.

Again, A Time Machine is a fluid tour, reinventing itself as work moves from venue to venue. Based on new commissions and archival presentations, it will generate ephemera, performance and printed material, in response to a theme that plays with and inverts notions of time, archive, distribution and received pasts and perfect futures

Curated by Book Works; Again, A Time Machine — Part two; ; August 1970; | Commission: Again, A Time Machine Artist: Book Works; Contributors: Fujiwara, Simon; Fusco, Maria; Home, Stewart; Markus Weisbeck/Fons Hickmann; Monk, Jonathan; Niermann, Ingo; Palmer, Katrina;