Alice Walter presents The Medium at Offprint 2024

Saturday 18 May 2024, 10.45am
Offprint London
Turbine Hall, Tate Modern (McAulay Studio)
Free, open to all.

Come and join us at Tate Modern on Saturday, which we’ll be kicking off with this first event for the Arrhythmia series. Come and hear Alice read from her astounding debut novel, The Medium.

‘This is a story of our life, it’s about how we died and learnt to survive, by taking messages for the dead. What do they call us? Medium. The Medium.’ 

To read The Medium is to be submerged in a stream of consciousness populated by uninvited voices from the underworld. Animated, urgent, and brutally propulsive, this cacophony of competing narratives begins to upset the boundary between the living and the dead. The Medium is an alchemical novel, shimmering with insight from the depths of a black lake. 

For full details of the Offprint London programme visit their website.

Alice Walter presents The Medium at Offprint 2024; ; January 1970; | Commission: Arrhythmia Artist: Walter, Alice; Editor: Palmer, Katrina; | Publisher: Book Works: | Designer: Traven T. Croves