Battle #1 (San Romano, 1432) – Francesco Pedraglio

The first of four short films commissioned by Book Works to mark the publication of Francesco Pedraglio’s Battles Vol. 1 (2022).

Co-published by Book Works and Parallel // Oaxaca, and designed by Santiago Da Silva, Francesco Pedraglio’s new book uses battles as a story-telling frame to focus on the small details and absurdities that characterise almost all historical events and end up changing the course of their action.

Mixed into the historical stories are personal accounts, trivial and idiosyncratic events that become elevated to the same status as those that affect history.

Battle #1 (San Romano, 1432) – Francesco Pedraglio; ; January 1970; Artist: Pedraglio, Francesco; | Publisher: Book Works and Parallel /// Oaxaca: | Designer: Santiago da Silva