Battles Vol. 1 reviewed in Art Monthly

“For all Battles‘ formal experimentations with interview-style Q&As, voice-overs, scripts, sonnets and medical records, Pedraglio is a consistently excellent storyteller. Avenues of possibility for future narrations of historical events, approaches to archives, and models of relationships between the terller and listener open up when considering the methodological approaches in Battles. The insistence on the generative qualities of everyday life succeeds in fleshing out multiple historical moments, making visible the fantasies and fictions that constitute our reality.”

Francesco Pedraglio’s recent work, Battles Vol. 1, is reviewed by Ronnie Angel Pope in Art Monthly. Read the full review in the print or digital edition of the April issue.

Battles Vol. 1 reviewed in Art Monthly; ; January 1970; Artist: Pedraglio, Francesco; | Publisher: Book Works and Parallel /// Oaxaca: | Designer: Santiago da Silva