May Book of the Month: Ice Blink

May’s book of the month is Ice Blink: An Antarctic Essay by Simon Faithfull. Get it with 30% off all month.

Traveling to Antarctica on RSS Ernest Shackleton from RAF Brize Norton via Ascension Island and the Falklands, Simon Faithfull recorded the displaced and disorienting world he encountered by filming the view out of his cabin porthole and with daily Palm Pilot drawings, transmitted each day to email inboxes around the world. Combined with diary entries and notes, these drawing and films have been incorporated into a series of lectures presented in Edinburgh, Helsinki, Norwich, Berlin and London.

Reproduced in book form, Ice Blink: An Antarctic Essay is a dispatch from nowhere, exploring the Antarctic as a hole in the imagination by combining Antarctic myths and fictions, histories of colonial endevour, lifecycles of icebergs and the real effects of global warming, with images of contested and uncharted territories.

Co-published by Book Works with The Arts Catalyst in 2006.

May Book of the Month: Ice Blink; ; January 1970; Artist: Faithfull, Simon;