Deadline for applications: 1 December 2011

Book Works is looking for proposals for a new series of quick-fire, rapid-response projects from artist/writer collectives or individual art practices engaged with emerging political struggles. We are interested in proposals that reject the idea of culture as a playground for the elite; that engage in the potent mix of free discourse, solidarity and the production of new desires; which are prepared to break open old worlds, either in the virtual space of communication and networks; or in the concrete world of action, discourse and distribution.
From strikes to sit-ins and protests to collective provocations, we are looking for proposals that engage in, transform or are otherwise informed by political issues and contemporary actions and activities, to produce publications using various formats: the tabloid, the broadsheet, the poster and the pamphlet, both as traditional print or online formats.

Book Works is offering up to six commissions selected from open submission. We are particularly interested in the possibilities of collective projects producing printed material in a spontaneous manner or rapid manner and we welcome proposals using various formats: from the tabloid, broadsheet, poster and the pamphlet, to web 2.0 platforms.

New commissions will be published from Spring/Summer 2012

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BOOK WORKS OPEN SUBMISSIONS SERIES GUEST EDITOR: NINA POWER; ; August 1970; | Downloads: CommonObjectivesApplicationForm (pdf)