Kickstarter Campaign for A Lebanese Archive by Ania Dabrowska

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Book Works is launching a Kickstarter campaign here to raise funds to produce and publish Diab Alkarssifi’s lost archive of Lebanese and Arab photographs, which will be brought to light in a new book by Ania Dabrowska, published by Book Works and the Arab Image Foundation, April 2015

A chance encounter in a homeless hostel, between Ania Dabrowska and Diab Alkarssifi, led to the discovery of a rare archive of 27,000 photographs and over 100 years of Arab history. Our project aims to tell this story and bring the archive to life in the form of a new artist’s book.

The book will present for the first time the work of former photojournalist Diab Alkarssifi that documented life in his home city of Baalbeck on the Syrian border and in Beirut, his student years in the early 1970s in Moscow and Budapest as well as his numerous photographic assignments alongside his collection of found images from studios in Baalbeck, Beirut, Damascus and Cairo: photographs of society, family and friends, that he passionately accumulated over his lifetime to give us an intimate insight into cultural, everyday and political life and with a view to preserving modern Arab history from between the dates 1889-1993.

Kickstarter Campaign for A Lebanese Archive by Ania Dabrowska; ; August 1970;