New Event: 14 February 2012, Confrontational Perspectives

Marina Vishmidt
Claire Makhlouf Carter: Demo – Penfold Street
Chicks on Speed: A Modest Proposal

14 February, 6.30–9.00pm

The Showroom
63 Penfold Street
London NW8 8PQ

This event is free, but space is limited and booking essential.
To book contact: Gavin Everall, 020 7247 2203, or

Through a screening and discussion of current work Marina
Vishmidt presents her research into embodied practices which
stage a negative critique of work from a feminist perspective in
the art of the past several decades and argues that the critique
of womens’ labour can also evoke the critique of another kind of
labour: the labour of reproducing and performing gender in a
disciplinary economy of representation.

Claire Makhlouf Carter, whose work Demo – Penfold Street explores
the limits and antagonisms of performance, self-immolation,
social relations and stench.

The event finishes with a Chicks On Speed Performance – Lecture,
A Modest Proposal featuring: Melissa Logan, Anat Ben-David,
Rachael Matthews and Sonja Todd.

6.30pm Doors open
7.00pm Marina Vishmidt
7.30pm Claire Makhlouf Carter
8.00pm Chicks on Speed
9.00pm Doors close

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by Arts Council England Grants for the Arts and The Henry Moore

New Event: 14 February 2012, Confrontational Perspectives; ; August 1970;