New solo show from Shy Radicals author Hamja Ahsan

A new exhibition by Hamja Ahsan – I don’t belong here – opens in Ljubljana this Friday. In 2019 Hamja Ahsan won the Grand Prize at the Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts for his work Aspergistan Referendum, which asked residents to vote to join the imaginary state of shy, introverted and autistic people first outlined in Shy Radicals. 72 percent of the voters decided to join. Ahsan now returns to Slovenia with this show incorporating the ideas of the book, the artwork, the short film released last year, and the many ways the project has grown and adapted since Shy Radicals first appeared in 2017.

The exhibition runs from 10 September–21 November 2021, as part of the Ljubljana Biennial. For more information visit the website. You can also listen to a Spotify playlist made to accompany the exhibition here.

New solo show from Shy Radicals author Hamja Ahsan; ; January 1970; | Commission: Common Objectives Artist: Ahsan, Hamja; | Publisher: Book Works: | Designer: Rose Nordin