Prem Sahib and Sita Balani in conversation

8 November 2023, 6.45pm
Phillida Reid, Grape Street
Free and open to all.
More info/book.

This talk takes place on the occasion of Sahib’s solo exhibition The Life Cycle of a Flea, now extended until Saturday 11 November. Sita Balani is a contributor to Sahib’s new book, That Fire Over There.

‘In Prem Sahib’s The Life Cycle of a Flea, we can see the ways in which his work is evolving to capture the mood of our political moment. The task of the artist is to condense the era, to pool its currents, to divine in them what is ancient and what fleeting. They must clarify this substance, create a mould that can hold it, and construct a facade in which we can see the world and our place it in anew. It is no surprise, then, that through his signature gleaming surfaces, distorted voices, icy minimalist textures, games of light and shadow, a new mood of horror, abjection, and fear have entered the gallery.’ – Sita Balani, ‘The Child and the Parasite’, 2023

Prem Sahib and Sita Balani in conversation; ; January 1970;