Rosa-Johan Uddoh performance at the Somerset House Studios AGM

Friday 13 October, 7–11pm
Somerset House Studios,
London, WC2R 1LA
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Specially-commissioned for the Somerset House Studios AGM, artist and performer Rosa-Johan Uddoh hosts a new short, three-act live performance with collaborators Shola von Reinhold and Thandi Loewenson, playing upon the notion of ‘ye olde’, and how the notion of history exists in popular imagination today. Uddoh’s work uses humour, parody and play to work towards radical self-love, inspired by Black feminist practice, as seen in her book Practice Makes Perfect (Book Works 2022).

The performance will take place in room G16. The AGM will also feature Disguise as Dancefloor by Joe Namy featuring DJs Cõvco, Ain Bailey, Nihal El Aasar and Paul Purgas; movement artists Malik Nashad Sharpe, Alexandrina Hemsley (Yewande 103), Dove and Hannah Hernandez. A “super-charged platform”, Disguise as Dancefloor reflects Namy’s influences: the wide range of experiences that unfold on the dancefloor, the subversive politics of bass, and the effects of sound on the body, including healing properties and other alchemical resonances.

In the intimate G30 space, writer, director and moving image artist Akinola Davies has invited James Massiah, percussionists Edward Wakili-Hick and Ursula Holliday, and multidisciplinary collective LA CREOLE for an evening of music, spoken word and live drums in dialogue.

Rosa-Johan Uddoh performance at the Somerset House Studios AGM; ; 2023;