Shy Radicals at the Weirdness Salon

Weirdness Salon
Saturday 3 June, 12.30–6pm
Corbett Theatre, Hatfields, Loughton, IG10 3RY

Free. Book your place here.

Hamja Ahsan will be talking about his book, Shy Radicals, (now in its 5th edition) at the Weirdness Salon on 5 June.

Join us to discuss weirdness as refuge, weirdness as solidarity, weirdness as a form of life that does away with fixed categories. Weird politics moves beyond the confinements of the norm and favours solidarity with the alien and the foreign, the unfamiliar and the absurd. Weirdness activates a utopian political imagination of what lies beyond the ordinary. It offers the space to synthesise new solidarities and make kin with other weirdos. Weird politics acts as solvent to normativity, antidote to dominant categories.

Keynote: Prof Dimitris Papanikolaou on the Greek Weird Wave, University of Oxford
Adam Alston (Goldsmiths, University of London) in conversation with Julia Bardsley
Phoebe Patey-Ferguson (Rose Bruford College) in conversation with Tammy Reynolds aka Midgitte Bardot
Eirini Kartsaki (East15 Acting School, University of Essex) in conversation with Malik Nashad Sharpe aka Marikiscrycrycry
Tara Fatehi in conversation with Hamja Ahsan (Shy Radicals) and Greg Wohead
Hosted by Eirini Kartsaki.

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Shy Radicals at the Weirdness Salon; ; 2023; Artist: Ahsan, Hamja; | Publisher: Book Works: | Designer: Rose Nordin