Graphic Negotiations #6 – Fraser Muggeridge

Graphic Negotiations #6 – Fraser Muggeridge
Wed 9 November, 1pm, online. RSVP.

Book Works sees graphic design as crucial to realising artists and writers’ ideas in the final form of the book. While conventionally designers often become involved in the later stages of a book’s production, and with a limited brief, we involve the design in a collaborative process from the start to realise, with designer, artist and editor working together to create a book that realises the artists’ vision.

Graphic Negotiations is our series of online lunchtime talks with designers, many of whom we’ve worked with in the past. The format and topic vary – we want to give designers the opportunity to present their work in whichever way they wanted to. In some cases designers are be in conversation with artists they’ve collaborated with in the past, in others they talk about their work and ideas more generally or present a visual portfolio.

For this sixth event in the series we are delighted to welcome Fraser Muggeridge, a designer Book Works has a long history of collaboration with, who will be talking about paragraphs and design.

Fraser Muggeridge studio (Alexander Conway, Elliot Ellis, Michael Kelly, Fraser Muggeridge and Manon Veyssière) is a graphic design company based in London. Throughout a wide range of formats, from artists’ books and exhibition catalogues to posters, marketing material, exhibitions, websites, film titles and music, the studio prioritises artists’ and writers’ content over the imposition of a signature style. By allowing images and texts to sustain their own intent and impact, each project is approached with typographic form and letterform playing a key role in arriving at a sympathetic yet subtly alluring object.

Fraser Muggeridge founded and is a tutor at Typography Summer School, a week-long programme of typographic study for recent graduates and professionals, held in London (since 2010) and New York (since 2013). He is a visiting lecturer at The University of Reading (since 2003) on the MA Book Design Course.

He completed a practice-based PhD entitled ‘A Knowing Wrongness: Innovation in graphic design through combinations of traditional mastery and deliberately unconventional techniques’ at RMIT, Melbourne, Australia, in January 2022 (watch examination video here).

Graphic Negotiations #6 – Fraser Muggeridge; ; 2022; | Commission: Graphic Negotiations | Designer: Fraser Muggeridge Studio