Maya Balcioglu exhibition at MAC Galleries, Belfast

A new show by Maya Balcioglu opened recently at MAC Galleries, Belfast. Comprising drawings made between 2006-10, and more recent latex and fabric works, this is the artist’s first institutional exhibition and will run until 8 August, 2021.

Balcioglu makes work which is deliberative, intended for consideration or discussion, a process which she sees as democratic, to imply a moral act, inviting others in, to cognize the world through others, and to consider values which are outside of the self….Her mark-making hovers around formlessness, reminiscent of stains left from bodily fluids and stigmata like appearances located in an in-between state of consciousness and slumber.

“I want less control, more abandonment of conventions and historical burdens. In the image I am looking for ways of exiting through which I might get somewhere. I don’t plan but have ideas, visions and intuitions about what I’m going to do”.

For more information or to book visit MAC Galleries.

Maya Balcioglu is a contributor to The Stuart Brisley Interviews: Performance and Its Afterlives (Book Works, 2020)

Maya Balcioglu exhibition at MAC Galleries, Belfast; ; 2021;