Meeting at Conway Hall

“The possible, implying the becoming – the passage from one to the other takes place in the infra-thin.” Marcel Duchamp

Infra Thin Projects examines the limits and potential of the written and spoken word: a retreat to language or a call to arms. Adopting the mechanics of viral infection, the project exists between exhibitions, between spaces and over time. Infra Thin Projects toured between London, Birmingham and Manchester. The possible is an infra thin: the writer requires the reader.

Meeting at Conway Hall, 8 July, 2004
Meeting at Conway Hall (slight return) IPS: Bournville, October 1-29, 2004

Why and Why Not by Mark Titchner
After the Power Cut by Bonnie Camplin
The Destructors by Mark Leckey

Consisting of three distinct works commissioned by Book Works, that utilize a combination of spoken word, printed matter, slides and music that respond to existing texts and iconography. As the slide play collides with the open lecture, there is a visual and aural account of doubt, destruction and fear.

Originally staged at the Conway Hall Ethical Centre – London’s centre for Humanist free-thinking – the meeting was reconfigured for IPS: Bournville.

Meeting at Conway Hall; ; 2004-07-08 ; 2004-10-1-29; | Commission: Infra Thin Projects: Curated by Mark Beasley Artists: Camplin, Bonnie; Leckey, Mark; Titchner, Mark;