Susan Hiller – By Night

Auras and Levitations by Susan Hiller is our Book of the Month for May. To mark the occasion we have been looking through the Book Works archives at some of the other projects we worked on with Susan Hiller, including By Night, a special edition box of miniaturised postcards featuring images of the sea taken at night.

The edition of 50 was produced by Book Works Studio in 2018 for Tate Editions, and forms part of Hiller’s Rough Seas project. The postcards are presented in a cloth-covered box lined with douppion silk and letterpress text, and can be arranged in any configuration. See the Studio archive for more details.

Order Auras and Levitations now for just £8.40 (discount applies until the end of May 2021).

Susan Hiller – By Night; ; 2018; Artist: Hiller, Susan; | Publishers: Book Works: Produced by Book Works Studio: