Photographic slides from Itinerant Texts

Photographic slides from Itinerant Texts

Curated by Book Works; Photographic slides from Itinerant Texts; 15 leaves (recto); November 1996; | Commission: Itinerant Texts Artists: Barry, Judith; Barry, Robert; Bulloch, Angela; Dean, Tacita; Durham, Jimmie; Emin, Tracey; Gillick, Liam; Gordon, Douglas; Hiller, Susan; Kosuth, Joseph; McKenna, Tracy; Patterson, Simon;

Slide reproductions produced as part of the touring exhibition Itinerant Texts.

List of works:

Simon Patterson: Untitled

Douglas Gordon: Untitled

Liam Gillick: Ibuka! Announcement, Stuttgart, 1995

Tracy MacKenna: Conversation

Tacita Dean: Disappearance at Sea

Joseph Kosuth: Untitled

Judith Barry: Mutate and Grow (text by Brad Miskell)

Angela Bulloch: Panorama Island, slide stencil

Tracey Emin: I need art like I need God

Susan Hiller: Untitled

Jimmie Durham: Jimmie Durham:

Robert Barry: Comment: Doesn’t Matter