Scape Specific

Scape Specific

Scape Specific is an imaginary map of a Muslim vernacular in the English language and landscape. The collaborators have taken a defiantly parochial focus on the everyday texture of dialects and local inflections close to our hearts. We’re not interested in the construction of British Islam only the specificity of Mannigham Mirpuris, Essex Punjabis and Kurds from Stoke Newington. Scape Specific is both a record and a fantasy of a Muslim life more ordinary.

Scape Specificis a project curated by Sara Wajid which explores the evolution of a Muslim vernacular in the British landscape.

Commissioned projects:

Sheikh ‘n’ Vac by Yara El Sherbini (2005)
I’ll Get My Coat by Usman Saeed and Sukhdev Sandhu (2005)
Reinventing Muslim Vernacular: Art, the Contemporary context and Urban Landscape a one day study day, Tate Britain, 2 July 2005

Yara El-Sherbini
Usman Saeed & Sukhdev Sandhu