Doug Aitken
Out of print

Diamond Sea

Doug Aitken (2000)

Out of print

Diamond Sea is a photographic journey through Diamond Areas One and Two: a highly secure 70,000 square kilometre area along the coastline of the Namibian desert. This area, containing the world’s richest diamond mine, has been sealed off from public access since 1907. Aitken struggled through bureaucratic red tape to obtain permission to film in the Diamond Areas. Aitken’s photographs reveal how the man-made corporate-owned landscape and the vast topographic expanse of the Namibian desert are equally subject to narrative construction.

Out of print.

Diamond Sea | Aitken, Douglas; Kuipers, Dean; | Commission: Access/Excess | ISBN: 978 1 870699 46 4 | Price: Free | Classifications: Journey; Site specific; | Format: Offset printing; | Extent: 146 pages | Edition: 1,000 copies | Dimensions: 260 x 200 mm | Designer: Associates in Science; | Printer: REMAprint, Vienna