The Self-Illuminating Pen– new work by Sarah Tripp

The Self-Illuminating Pen, published by MAP magazine, is a companion piece to Guitar! (forthcoming from Book Works). It takes the form of a series of ‘letters to the editor’ on writing in the small hours. The letters relate how habits of writing shape what is written and reflect upon the process of writing Guitar!

The letters are published with a series of ‘writing exercises’ available from MAP Editions and also exist as a series of videos produced in collaboration with the artist Isobel Lutz-Smith.

A limited edition pamphlet is available FREE: please contact for further information. Designed by the artist and printed by Book Works Studio, it includes the 5 letters and special writing exercises devised by Sarah Tripp.

Supported by Creative Scotland, The Glasgow School of Art and the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop

The Self-Illuminating Pen– new work by Sarah Tripp; ; 2020; Artist: Tripp, Sarah; | Publisher: Book Works: