You are of vital importance

Sarah Tripp (2014)


A collection of short stories and vignettes concerned with the dynamics of social interaction and the construction of character. These stories employ a variety of tones and forms to examine proximity and distance between characters, communities and objects.

Tripp is preoccupied with the critique of narrative, the structuring of unstructured activity and the translation of bodily experience. She works with the forms of anecdote, film, performance and printed words; rooting her practice in observation and experience. Her works are marked by the use of multiple perspective, episodic structure and suspended denouement.

Sarah Tripp is an artist and writer. Her works include 24 stops, Camden Arts Centre, London; Swallowing Incoherence, Collective Gallery, Edinburgh; You Are Of Vital Importance To The Art Community, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow; Why I disappeared, Cove Park, Argyll and Bute and Why I Can’t Eat at Asia Style, 2HB, Glasgow. She co-produces the pamphlet Gnommero. Her work Aide-Mémoires: As if was published in The Happy Hypocrite – ‘What Am I?’, Issue 5 (2010) edited by Maria Fusco.

You are of vital importance | Tripp, Sarah; | ISBN: 9781906012540 | Price: £12.00 | Classifications: Concrete; Critical; Experimental writing; Unreliable narrative; | Extent: 144pp | Edition: 1,000 copies | Dimensions: 185 mm x 120 mm | Publisher: Book Works

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