Chris Newman
Out of print

If Road was Rubber

Chris Newman (1990)

Out of print

If Road was Rubber is the first of a series of three books produced, printed and bound by Chris Newman at Book Works, that share something of the same character, yet subtly develop and possibly become more resolved as ‘published’ works with each edition. Newman is an artist, musician, composer and poet, bringing these attributes in equal parts to the book page.

The work has an elusive quality that may surprise the reader by its refusal to be classified or tamed. If the books can appear to be a series of images, with their sumptuous painterly use of texture and colour, then it is through the printed end-text and also through Newman’s performances and readings that one can measure the weight of the words and phrases.

If Road was Rubber | Book Works Studio; Newman, Chris; | ISBN: NewmanRubber | Price: Free | Classification: Artbook; | Format: Hand printed; | Extent: 32 pages | Edition: 20 signed and numbered copies | Dimensions: 380 x 270 mm | Signed by artist | Designer: Book Works; | Printer: Book Works