Out of print

Smash This Puny Existence

Inventory (1999)

Out of print

Smash This Puny Existence is a poster publication from the artists’ collective Inventory that exists as a series of large format double-sided sheets that can be added to, amended, cut up or flyposted.

Smash This Puny Existence emerged from street actions staged by Inventory in streets in London and Glasgow. Overnight, the collective fly-posted a series of newly-commissioned texts and images along with ‘found’ material, transforming two busy thoroughfares into public ‘newspapers’. The street became a discursive, polemical space, a place for the exchange of ideas and information. Smash This Puny Existence considers ideas of mapping and navigation and the daily ebb and flow of the urban environment. It is a significant contribution to Inventory’s ongoing determination of a ‘fierce sociology’.

Smash This Puny Existence | Inventory; | Commission: Publish and Be Damned | ISBN: 978 1 870699 39 6 | Price: Free | Classifications: Action; Urban; | Format: Offset printing; | Edition: 1,500 copies | Dimensions: 678 x 478 mm | Designer: Secondary Modern;