Smash this Puny Existence


Out of print

Smash This Puny Existence emerged from a street action staged by Inventory, in London’s Hanway Street. Newly commissioned texts, along with ‘found’ material, were flyposted throughout the street, in turn redesignating this popular thoroughfare as a public ‘newspaper’. The Street became a discursive situation, a space for the potential exchange of ideas and information.

Street Action, Hanway Street, London, 20 March 1999

Accumulate – Replicate, The Modern Institute, Suite 6, 73 Robertson Street, Glasgow, 20 May, 1999: Launch of Smash This Puny Existence, as part of a new installation by Inventory.

Smash this Puny Existence | Inventory; | Commission: Publish and Be Damned | ISBN: 978 1 870699 39 6 | Price: £4.95 | Classifications: Action; Experimental writing; Urban; | Format: Newsprint; | Designer: Secondary Modern;