Guitar! in The White Review‘s Books of the Year 2020

Kate Briggs selected Sarah Tripp’s Guitar! as her book of 2020 in The White Review’s end of year round up.

The book that meant most to me this year was Sarah Tripp’s GUITAR! (BookWorks). It begins with a writer making small illuminated notes in the dark, her record of living alongside a child learning to speak. She marvels at the way he names the world, managing somehow to catch all of it in the vast nets of his first two words: Guitar! and Ba! (What if these were all the words a person needed? the writer wonders). But then it turns, and becomes a different kind of offering: an effort to share a non-prescriptive method for opening yourself up to the energy and resistance and mystery of someone else. It is a quiet manifesto for wonderment, for generosity, for cultivating a responsiveness to whatever comes. It arrived at exactly the moment I needed it.

Read the full list here. Guitar! by Sarah Tripp is out now (buy)

Image courtesy of Francis Mckee, 2019

Guitar! in The White Review‘s Books of the Year 2020; ; January 1970; Artist: Tripp, Sarah;