Warm Seas Launch

Book Works Projects/Open House 1998-2001 has given curators the opportunity to work in partnership with Book Works to commission, develop and promote innovative new practices. Initiated to encourage an active dialogue between artists and curators, Open House also seeks out new audiences.

Craig Martin has developed Warm Seas, for the third and final year of Open House, commissioning four new books by Rainer Ganahl, Thomas Hirschhorn, Daniel Jewesbury and Christian Nold. Enveloping these divergent practices are modes of activity which investigate: the nature of how the individual operates in relation to the other person; collective formations; identity as a fluid, hybrid construct; the function of dialogical relations through group discussion; and communication-based practices. The publications have been accompanied by events in Bristol, London and Leeds.

The previous two years have seen Matthew Higgs, in 1999, commission publications by Jeremy Deller, Inventory, Frances Stark, and the anthology Seven Wonders of the World.

In 2000 Stefan Kalmár, curated Access/Excess, with four publications by Doug Aitken, Angela Bulloch, Janice Kerbel and Nils Norman.

Curated by Craig Martin; Warm Seas Launch; ; August 1970; | Commission: Warm Seas Artists: Book Works; Ganahl, Ranier; Hirschhorn, Thomas; Jewesbury, Daniel; Martin, Craig; Nold, Christian;