Leaflets from Again, A Time Machine — Part one

Leaflets from Again, A Time Machine — Part one

Curated by Book Works; Leaflets from Again, A Time Machine — Part one; 1 leaf (recto-verso); February 2011; | Commission: Again, A Time Machine Artists: Book Works; Langdon, James; Contributors: García, Dora; Monk, Jonathan; Slavs and Tatars; The Happy Hypocrite; | Designer: James Langdon;

Leaflet produced to accompany the Again, A Time Machine touring exhibition.

The images are material from Book Works’ archive:

Anti-matter, extract from manuscript for The East London Coelacanth Jimmie Durham (1993).
From the moment you read …, extract from letter to Book Works Douglas Gordon (1993).

Artists’ responses to the questions
‘What is previous?’ ‘What is next?’:

All the things … Jonathan Monk (2011).

We try to celebrate / Further fits … Slavs and Tatars (2011).

Extract from a contribution by Sean Lynch to A Rather Large Weapon – The Happy Hypocrite, issue four (2009) / and from a contribution by Ruth Ewan to What Am I? – The Happy Hypocrite, issue five (2010), from Maria Fusco.

Female voice / male voice, dialogue extract and film still from Zimmer, Gespräche (Rooms, Conversations) Dora Garcia (2006).