Again, A Time Machine — Part one

Artists are playing with words again – raiding the archive, bringing the dead to life, making the living look dead. Quicker than the ever-elusive present, they are forging a practice through words, images, books, and ephemera, that begins to anticipate the past, forecast possible histories and re-visit alternative futures.
Again, A Time Machine is fluid tour, reinventing itself as work moves from venue to venue. Based on new commissions and archival presentations, it will generate also ephemera, performance and printed material, in response to a theme that plays with and inverts notions of time, archive, distribution and received pasts and perfect futures.
New commissions for Eastside Projects sees the start of a poster project by Jonathan Monk, the reimagining of a Polish–Iranian solidarity by Slavs and Tatars, readings of Dora Garcia’s All the Stories, artists’ talks, The Happy Hypocrite – Say What You See: a cycle of readings hosted by An Endless Supply and Maria Fusco, and a newspaper.

Jonathan Monk, Book Talk: No. 4
Saturday 26 February, 3–4.30 pm
In the spirit of Curating the Library (founded by Moritz Küng at deSingel in 2003) Monk has been invited to select publications to become part of the Eastside Projects Library. Monk will discuss how each title informs his practice and his selections will be on display at Eastside Projects throughout Again, A Time Machine.

Payam Sharifi (Slavs and Tatars) artist’s talk
Thursday 24 March, 6.30–8 pm
Payam Sharifi presents the work of the collective Slavs and Tatars, in particular the use and influence of books and printed material in their practice, with a particular focus on the archive of Iranian and Polish books used for Again, A Time Machine, in their installation Dear 1979, Please Meet 1989

The Happy Hypocrite — Say What You See
Co-hosted by An Endless Supply and Maria Fusco

Thursday 31 March, 6.30–10 pm
Drawing on the methodology of one of the sections from the Happy Hypocrite, An Endless Supply and Maria Fusco present a series of artists’ readings and spoken word performances.

Dora Garcia artist’s talk
Thursday 14 April, 6.30–8 pm
Dora Garcia and Gavin Wade discuss All the Stories, and future collaborations.

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