Sofia Niazi
£40.00 + VAT

Intifada Milk

Sofia Niazi (2024)

£40.00 + VAT

Intifada Milk by Sofia Niazi is an image from a zine that was originally created for the OOMK Visions of the Future reading room exhibition at IHRC Bookshop in 2015, written by Arwa Aburawa and illustrated by Sofia Niazi. Intifada Milk  recounts how one small community in Palestine fought the Israeli occupation with just 18 cows – and almost won – exploring a hidden chapter in the history of Palestinian resistance and its vision to be an independent nation.

The image has been commissioned Book Works for What did you do… (2024), a poster project to mark 40 years of commissions and book making, made in response to the urgent humanitarian crisis in Gaza overshadowing all our activity. We have invited artists to contribute work that speaks to ideas of solidarity with the oppressed, and liberation for the occupied, for a series of A3 posters. 

Intifada Milk is a Risograph print on Munken Lynx 170gsm in an edition of 50 copies. Book Works would like to thank PageMasters for their help and support with this project.

Any proceeds from this project will be donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP).

Artists participating in this project include: Hamja Ahsan, Banu Cennetoğlu, Marcus Coates, Jesse Darling, Jeremy Deller, Falgoush Collective, Fehras Publishing Practices with Nancy Naser Al Deen and Sina Ahmadi, Dora García, Deborah-Joyce Holman, Karl Holmqvist, Marianne Keating, Rosalind Nashashibi, Prem Sahib, Tai Shani, Sofia Niazi, Katrina Palmer, Charlie Prodger, Anne Tallentire, Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan, Rosa-Johan Uddoh, and Cecilia Vicuña.

Intifada Milk | Niazi, Sofia; | Commission: What did you do... (2024) | Editor: Everall, Gavin; | ISBN: Intifada Milk_Niazi | Price: £40.00 + VAT | Classifications: Graphic; Poster; Special Edition; | Format: Poster; | Edition: 50 copies | Dimensions: 297mm x 400mm | Publisher: Book Works | Printer: PageMasters

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