Ned Sublette & Lawrence Weiner
Out of print

Remixed Water

Ned Sublette & Lawrence Weiner (2005)

Out of print

Remixed Water brings together a tall Texan and a bearded artist from New York, with artists and musicians from Belfast, London, Glasgow and San Francisco.

This CD is remixed from two of Ned Sublette & Lawrence Weiner’s collaborative albums, Monsters from the Deep (1997) and Ships at Sea, Sailors and Shoes (1993). Generously supported by Weiner and Sublette, eight tracks have been selected and reconfigured by invited contemporary artists and musicians, re-staging and manipulating Weiner’s lyrics within the musical genres of two-step, west coast laptop electronica, noisecore, math rock and hard house, to produce a Frankenstein’s monster of eclipsed origins.

Remixers include: Bonnie Camplin, Steven Claydon, Erotic Ghosts of Vietnam, Filariahead, Luke Fowler & Daniel Padden, Sutekh, Tussle and Christopher Willits.

Remixed Water | Sublette, Ned; Weiner, Lawrence; | Commission: Infra Thin Projects: Curated by Mark Beasley | ISBN: 978 1 870699 79 2 | Price: £9.99 + VAT | Classification: Remix; | Format: Audio CD; | Edition: 1,000 copies | Dimensions: 125 x 140 mm | Contributors: Camplin, Bonnie; Claydon, Steven; Erotic Ghosts of Vietnam; Filariahead; Luke Fowler & Daniel Padden; Sutekh; Tussle; Willits, Christopher; | Designers: Lawrence Weiner; Silke Roch;