The Stumbling Block, Its Index (Special Edition)

Brian Catling (1990)

Out of print

The Stumbling Block, Its Index was originally devised by Brian Catling as “a direct attempt to write sculpture, to focus on an invisible shapeshifting mass, to try to see its contours, its material, its volume, in the different light of its manifestations”.

The book presents a series of definitions of The Stumbling Block; written as prose, not poetry, these twenty conundrums attempt to make concrete an idea. The book is bound in graphite-covered boards that at first glance appear to be solid metal but the book is not a representation of The Stumbling Block. The Stumbling Block exists only as its index. “The Stumbling Block, Its Index has not merely bought a non-existent-sculpture, but one whose non-existence is multiple.”

Out of print.

The Stumbling Block, Its Index (Special Edition) | Catling, Brian; | ISBN: 1 | Price: Free | Classification: Concrete; | Format: Hand printed; | Extent: 48 pages | Edition: Edition of 25 signed and numbered copies, presented in a slip-case and containing an additional text handwritten by the artist copies | Signed by artist | Designer: Book Works; | Printer: Book Works