Lost Volume: A Catalogue of Disasters (Special Edition)

Cornelia Parker (1993)

Out of print

Lost Volume: A Catalogue of Disasters continues Cornelia Parker’s preoccupation with destruction. Following on from Cold Dark Matter, where − with the help of the British Army − Parker exploded a garden shed crammed with objects, Lost Volume: A Catalogue of Disasters uses the intimate form of the book to present several flattened objects that − through the use of trompe-l’oeil − appear to have been squashed between the pages of the book.

Parker crushes these selected objects in a press between sheets of heavy paper, creating embossed indentations and reducing the objects to two-dimensional representations of their former three-dimensional selves. The selected objects are seemingly unconnected; a contents page that includes objects not flattened in the book confuses matters further. The book is perhaps best read as a way of seeing objects − and the world − in a new light.

Out of print.

Lost Volume: A Catalogue of Disasters (Special Edition) | Book Works Studio; Parker, Cornelia; | Commission: Collected Works | ISBN: 1 870699 11 4 | Price: Free | Classification: Journey; | Formats: Hand printed; Offset printing; | Extent: 32 pages | Edition: 30 copies | Dimensions: 245 x 250mm | Signed by artist | Publisher: Book Works | Designer: Book Works;