The Happy Hypocrite – A Rather Large Weapon, issue 4

Edited by Maria Fusco (2009)


The Happy Hypocrite is a biannual journal led by artists’ writings. Informed by a lineage of modern experimental and avant-garde magazines, such as: Bananas, Documents, The Fox, Merlin and Tracks, this journal aspires to unpack the methodology of such key journals, whilst providing a brand new approach to art writing. It will provide a greatly needed testing ground for new writing and research-based projects, somewhere for artists, writers and theorists to express experimental ideas that might not otherwise be realised or published.

In this issue new writing, text and images, a blackboard, an interview, surveillance photographs, heroes, and a blasted copy of the Canadian Indian Act of 1867.

Contributors include: Bernadette Buckley; Jeff Derkson; Candice Hopkins; Anthony Iles; Daniel Kane; Yve Lomax; Robert Longo; Sean Lynch; Laura Oldfield Ford; Luke Pendrell; Rachelle Sawatsky; Natasha Soobramanien; Nick Thurston and Mark Von Schlegall.

The Happy Hypocrite – A Rather Large Weapon, issue 4 | Fusco, Maria; | Commission: The Happy Hypocrite | Editor: Fusco, Maria; | ISBN: 978 1 906012 15 1 | Price: £8.00 | Classifications: Artworks/hybrid ephemera; Assemblage; | Format: Offset printing; | Extent: 96 pages | Edition: 2,000 copies | Dimensions: 167 x 230 mm | Contributors: Buckley, Bernadette; Derkson, Jeff; Hopkins, Candice; Iles, Anthony; Kane, Daniel; Lomax, Yve; Longo, Robert; Lynch, Sean; Oldfield Ford, Laura; Pendrell, Luke; Sawatsky, Rachelle; Soobramanien, Natasha; Thurston, Nick; Von Schlegall, Mark; | Designer: APFEL (A Practice for Everyday Life); | Printer: Die Keure, Bruges