Maria Lindberg

Trying to get in between

Maria Lindberg (2002)


Inspired by Fluxus, Lindberg’s practice spans different media and concepts, however the material nature of the work is key, materials and objects are often found and given back to us slightly altered and playfully arranged.

Drawing on the everyday, Lindberg’s work often presents low-key and illogical humour, the titles of the works are central, but take on an absurd quality when one is presented with a dry matter-of-fact corresponding image. Trying to get in between is the first comprehensive publication of Lindberg’s work.

Co-published by Book Works with Göteborgs Konsthall to coincide with a major solo show by Lindberg.

Trying to get in between | Lindburg, Maria; | Commission: Opus Projects | ISBN: 978 1 870699 64 8 | Price: £20.00 | Classification: Hybrid; | Format: Offset printing; | Extent: 152 pages | Edition: 1,500 copies | Dimensions: 190 x 225 mm | Designer: Secondary Modern; | Printer: Lecturis, Eindhoven,NL