Mike Nelson
Out of print


Mike Nelson (2003)

Out of print

‘… And of course in terms of making spaces that claim to be something they’re not, I just like the idea of a book calling itself a magazine.’

Magazine by Mike Nelson is an intricate reconfiguration of a number of his acclaimed installations. Nelson has selected, edited and ordered a succession of detailed images encouraging the reader to move through different passages and states whilst negotiating recyclings of six of his previous shows. The book has no end point, no definitive reading but rather is a visual non-linear narrative which suggests an ‘Interzone’ − demonstrating a parallel experience which questions the purpose of Nelson’s constructed spaces and examines what is really going on behind the scenes. Magazine can be experienced both as a memento and as a reading of Nelson’s constructed spaces and represents a logical progression and use of the book form by the artist. We are invited to loose ourselves in a multiplicity of meaning as we continue reading − rediscovering, reinventing and redefining.

Co-published by Book Works with Matt’s Gallery.

Magazine | Nelson, Mike; | Commission: Opus Projects | ISBN: 978 1 870699 62 4 | Price: £20.00 | Classifications: Experimental imaging; Hybrid; Parallel; | Format: Offset printing; | Edition: 2,000 copies | Dimensions: 171 x 242 mm | Designer: Christian Kusters; | Printer: Drukkerij SSN