Jennifer Gabrys


Jennifer Gabrys (2004)


The far distance between sky and ground gives way to a space full of anxiety and conjecture. Supplies and leaflets scattered from the upper altitudes arrive inexplicably, as heavenly debris, meteorites, a threatening hail.’

Like pennies from heaven, airdrops occur in many guises, from food to fleas, from prosthetic limbs to exploding decoy frogs, the ethos of the airdrop falls somewhere between destruction and creation.

Airdrop sketches the history of the airdrop; providing a creative survey and investigation into this very particular form of tactical weaponry. Presenting examples and information, this fascinating and personal overview demonstrates the unusual imagination and ingenuity involved in the design and dispersal of this critical medium.

Airdrop | Gabrys, Jennifer; | Commission: Chap Books | ISBN: 978 1 870699 72 3 | Price: £6.50 | Classifications: Document; Manual; | Format: Offset printing; | Extent: 40 pages | Edition: 1,000 copies | Dimensions: 134 x 210 mm | Designer: Valle Walkley; | Printer: B.a.s Printers, Salisbury