David Bunn
Out of print

Here, There and Everywhere

David Bunn (1997)

Out of print

David Bunn, an artist based in Los Angeles − where Bunn’s studio houses the now defunct Los Angeles Central Library card index system − uses the card system of libraries to construct witty and finely controlled poems from the titles of books. As part of his contribution to the Book Works project Library Relocations in Liverpool Central Library, David Bunn produced four books that explore the reading links and musical traffic between Liverpool and Los Angeles.

The Sea is a Magic Carpet, published in two volumes for Liverpool and Los Angeles, focuses on the sea as a link between the two geographically distant cities. In B is for Beatles and D is for Doors David Bunn unites the two cities by listing the titles of books held in the libraries about the two cities’ famous musical sons.

Here, There and Everywhere | Bunn, David; | Commission: Library Relocations | ISBN: 100 | Price: Free | Classifications: Archival; Artist as archivist; Document; | Extent: Four books printed in the artist's studio | Edition: 100 signed and numbered copies | Dimensions: 190 x 220 x 120 mm | Signed by artist