Siôn Parkinson

Head in the Railings

Siôn Parkinson (2005)


‘I try to get into spaces, ones I convince myself I can fit limbs in. I photograph myself doing it, camera on tripod, timer on camera. I explain each experience, building up a loose taxonomy of the places I’ve been in. From my pillowcase to the shifting shadow of a tree.’ – Siôn Parkinson

Documenting his physical interventions into small spaces with both photographs and text, Head in the Railings is at first glance a series of humorous encounters between the human body and residual architectural spaces. In the process of making familiar the holes, cracks and voids found in buildings and the streets, Parkinson’s images and text examine the sensations of claustrophobia and repulsion, and reveal a disturbing sense of pain and absurdity.

Head in the Railings | Parkinson, Siôn; | Commission: Chap Books | ISBN: 9781870699853 | Price: £6.00 | Classifications: Document; Performative; | Format: Offset printing; | Extent: 64 pages | Edition: 1,000 copies | Designer: Joerg Hartmannsgruber; | Printer: B.a.s Printers, Salisbury