Pam Golden
Out of print

From the corner of it all

Pam Golden (1997)

Out of print

Pam Golden, an artist best known for her intimately-scaled paintings, originally produced the installation From the corner of it all as part of the Book Works’ commission Library Relocations at the British Architectural Library, RIBA.

Produced in response to images found during a period of research in the library − and from other sources − the piece can be read as a vast, visual ‘book’ which alluded to the ancient idea of the ‘memory palace’, a place for the imagination to soar.

The multiple of From the corner of it all comprises three large scale, scroll-like images edited together on computer from multiple sources; a ‘travel map’; and a looped video work with a spoken text describing the ancient technique of memorisation – the memory palace.

From the corner of it all | Golden, Pamela; | Commission: Library Relocations | ISBN: 1 | Price: Free | Classifications: Appropriation; Artworks/hybrid ephemera; Experimental imaging; | Format: Digital print; | Edition: 10 copies | Dimensions: Three prints; a 'travel map'; and a looped video work; each print 90 x 2430 mm | Signed by artist