Paul Etienne Lincoln
Out of print


Paul Etienne Lincoln (1997)

Out of print

The Globexpander is a mechanism, devised by Paul Lincoln, that forms a central role in the performance of The World and Its Inhabitants. Published in an edition of 24, each number of the edition has been assigned a character from The World and Its Inhabitants.

The mechanism − which is housed in a beautifully made, custom-built box that opens out to reveal the contents − is an intricate and delicate device that, through an elaborate and complex ritual enables balloons to be expanded by means of ‘humour’ contained in small canisters. As each balloon is fully expanded, names relating to The World and Its Inhabitants are revealed and an illusion of the World is formed.

The Globexpander is out of print.

Globexpander | Lincoln, Paul Etienne; | ISBN: 1 | Price: Free | Classification: Artworks/hybrid ephemera; | Edition: 24 signed and numbered copies | Dimensions: 305 x 100 x 100 mm (closed box) | Signed by artist