Sharon Kivland
Out of print

Mes Tendresses

Sharon Kivland (1994)

Out of print

Mes Tendresses takes the form of a magnifying glass that is mounted within a sumptuous moiré patterned box, lined in one of three different coloured velvets. A closer look reveals that regular glass has replaced the magnifying glass, transforming a functional object into sculpture. The glass is engraved with three inscriptions: ‘Mon Amour’, ‘Mon Coeur’ and ‘Mon Âme’ − a poignant comment on the way love at first sight obscures our true vision.

Out of print.

Mes Tendresses | Book Works Studio; Kivland, Sharon; | ISBN: 1 | Price: Free | Classification: Artworks/hybrid ephemera; | Edition: 9 unique copies | Dimensions: 227 x 127 x 35 mm | Signed by artist | Designer: Book Works;