Fiona Tan
£5.98 (Reduced from £11.95)

Vox Populi, London

Fiona Tan (2012)

£5.98 (Reduced from £11.95)

Indonesian-born artist Fiona Tan has been commissioned to make London the focus of the fifth and final installment of her Vox Populi series. Following her work in Norway, Sydney, Tokyo and Switzerland, Tan is now using family photograph albums of Londoners. By loaning their albums, the contributors have given the artist unique access to domestic imagery that ranges from the celebratory to the mundane. Intuitively themed by Tan throughout the work will present a intimate and collective image of London, calling into question how we choose to represent ourselves, and how we consume the representation of each other.

With a text by Brian Dillon, the book will be accompanied by an exhibition at The Photographers’ Gallery, London in September 2012.

Co-published by Book Works with The Photographers’ Gallery, London, UK.

Vox Populi, London | Tan, Fiona; | ISBN: 978 1 906012 39 7 | Price: £5.98 (Reduced from £11.95) | Classifications: Archival; Document; Pop/everyday; | Format: Offset printing; | Extent: 128 pages | Edition: 1,500 copies | Dimensions: 178 x 126 mm | Publisher: Book Works with The Photographers' Gallery, London, | Designer: Gabriele Franziska Gotz; | Printer: Lecturis, Eindhoven,NL