Again, A Time Machine — Part four

A conjuncture of archive, spoken word, new commissions and distributive practices are realised for the fourth installment of Again, A Time Machine at Spike Island, Bristol. The Wanderer (The Storage) is a new film and installation by Laure Prouvost. Based on artist Rory Macbeth’s ‘translation’ of a Franz Kafka novella, attempted without any knowledge of the German language or a dictionary, the film depicts a stranger, caught in storage, hallucinating, with no sense of separation between time and space.

Work from previous stages of Again, A Time Machine, including the billboard project by Slavs and Tatars and live readings from All the Stories by Dora García, reappear alongside the third manifestation of Jonathan Monk’s A Poster Project. Book Works’ Archive is presented in the form of a moving image work and a sound archive, compiled by Karen Di Franco and James Brook, and Make the Living Look Dead, a fictional archive of material formed by contemporary interventions and additions to our archive by a selection of Book Works’ artists, including a live performance by Brian Catling.

The Spike Island exhibition culminates in an Artists’ Book and Zine Fair on the 8 October bringing together over twenty international publishers, artists’ projects and collectives working across the fields of art, design, philosophy and politics. A number of events punctuate the day, The Happy Hypocrite: Miniature Essay co-hosted by Maria Fusco and Spike Associates.

Again, A Time Machine next appears at White Columns, New York.

Curated by Book Works; Again, A Time Machine — Part four; ; 2011-09-15; 2011-10-09; | Commission: Again, A Time Machine Artists: Book Works; Book Works Archive; García, Dora; Monk, Jonathan; Prouvost, Laure; Slavs and Tatars; Editor: Fusco, Maria; | Designer: James Langdon